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Viviona started as a fashion manufacturing and branding company which still remains the main line of business of Viviona since it hit the ground in 2007.  To learn more about the fashion manufacturing and branding business,​ click here!

Who doesn't love beach?  Who doesn't love fashion?  Swimwear seems to be the perfect combination.  With waves hugging the white sand beach and curtains blowing through the open windows, Viviona Swimwear came into place in 2012.  

Viviona Swimwear is set to bring positive experience to people’s lives.  We want to make your shopping experience a little bit better; make your travel experience a little bit better; make your lifestyle a little bit better and grow from there to become your inseparable traveling companions.

Viviona Swimwear sets us apart from other swimwear brands:

 First by designs.  We collaborate with different artists and studios to add unique touch to the brand.  Our main focus has been the perfect merge of art and fashion, and we'll continue with the direction of more season's to come.  We are meant to bring the two aesthetic world together to form one expression of human beauty. 

Second by quality.  Our swimwear uses the best fabric, latest technology and skilled labors to give you top notch products you can ever ask for.

Third by lifestyle.  Viviona Swimwear shoppers form a community.  We value healthy life style.  We eat healthy and we workout.  We take care of our body and our mind.  We travel and are open minded to different cultures.  We have event everywhere for Viviona Swimwear proud owners. Join the cult today. 

The designer, Vera Viviona Wang, is a self-proclaimed geek. Born and raised in China, she graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature. Vera has always been passionate about high technology and how technology can impact day-to-day lives. So she didn’t hesitate to pick Computer Science as a major when she moved to the United Stated 13 years ago and went to UNT to pursue her Masters. 

Vera is passionate about fashion. She fell in love with it when she laid eyes on Vogue for the very  first time when she was a kid. In 2007, Vera got in touch with a jewelry designer who she helped private label a pair of earring designs. This eventually led to the launch of Viviona in 2007, an elite private label manufacturing service company.

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